Topic: Social Work: Field Experience Evaluation & Self-Assessment


Review details below about the field placement agency and assigned intern role with A.C.E. Community Support Services. Using the attached Field experience learning agreement and evaluation address the following bullet points in a 3 page response:
• Explain whether you demonstrated social work practice skills throughout your field education experience, including a description of each social work practice skill and the measure(s) provided in the final evaluation.
• Explain how participation in your field education course might help with future field experiences.
• Describe potential areas where you might need improvement in relation to social work practice skills.
• Explain how your next field education experience might address those areas.
• Explain how you have grown as a professional during this process.
• Propose personal action plans for future field experiences.

*Field Placement Agency: A.C.E. Community Support Services LLC – ACE delivers optimal therapeutic services to our consumers on the basis of mental and behavioral health counseling, in efforts of reunifying Families, providing support for the challenges of our youth and adults, acquiring community achievement, social skills, involvement; and changing lives for the better.

Be sure to include a heading for each section based on the bulleted assignment guidelines and support your response with relevant resources.

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