Topic: Social Work Reflective report

Part A: Observation Reflective Report
A 2,500 word assignment (including one completed Observation Sheet). This will contribute 60% to your overall mark.

Write a reflective report to demonstrate and reflect on how observation can support a social worker gather knowledge and information about a person’s development at a particular stage of the lifespan, for example, in infancy, adolescence, middle adulthood or old age. As part of your reflection please link what you have observed with at least two of the theories we have discussed within the module.

Your submission will be in one document and will contain:

Your reflective report about observation
Use 2 theories:
Cognitive Theory of Development (CTD)
Psychoanalysis development theory
The Cognitive Theorist View on Child Development and Psychoanalysis or Psychodynamic Development are the two critical theories that can guide the social worker during an observation.

Record of an observation (500 words Max) Watch provided link to carry out an observation
One Record of an observation:
The video under observation goes by the title, Outnumbered – BBC Sport Relief Night 2010 and is found on the website,

A reference list should be Havard style

The Reflective Report should include the following:

A reflection on what observation is and why it is an important skill for social workers to develop.
A discussion about the key features of observation and factors to consider when preparing to undertake an observation.
An outline of your observations.
A reflection of how observation helps a social worker appreciate the life circumstances of a child/young person or adult they are working with, and how that links with 2 theories.
Reflection on your role as observer and the development of your skills.
A critique of the benefits and pitfalls of observations in social work practice.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Social studies

Pages/words: 8/2200

Number of sources: 1

Academic level: Masters

Paper format: Harvard

Line spacing: Double

Language style: UK English

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