Topic: Social Work – Reflective writing

Synoptic Assessment: Complete a 2500 word assignment for academic marking. This should be a reflective case study. The case study should address:

  • Brief overview of case or situation
  • How you dealt with it – emotional response
  • What theories, models and approaches you applied
  • How it developed your skills (relate to the PCF)
  • What you learnt from it
  • How it has helped your transition to next placement/qualified practice.

LO1 Show capability in less complex practice situations as laid down by professional requirements including extending and applying communication skills and developing social work values.
LO2 Use a range of professional skills in negotiating and working collaboratively with professionals and service users.
LO3 Demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and knowledge learnt to the practice context.
LO4 Apply reflective and reflexive skills to the contemporary context of social care and social work to identify current and future learning needs and show Readiness for Placement for the second practice placement.

Case study:

A (child) was removed at at 1 week old, an was fostered by B and C. B and C has fostered over 100 children. They feel in love with A and decided to adopted her instead of going from homes to homes. They started seeing changes in A when she was 4years old. She used to say harsh things to the other children. B and C have 2 biological children and now they feel that adoption has made their life unbearable. A has an attachment seeking behaviour and can become violent to B and C

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of Assignment: Essay
Subject: Social Studies
Pages/words: 10/2750
Number of Sources: 4
Academic level: GCSE / A Level
Paper format: MLA
Line Spacing: Double
Language Style: UK English

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