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Social Work Skills: Counselling/Therapy Skills

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Paper details
Assignment Question:

Discuss the key concepts of Narrative Therapy; including how problems are understood; the role of the therapist and outline the main interventions.

Assignment Brief:

1) 1,000 Words

2) 10-12 Academic sources referenced

3) Must include a Reference list

This assignment was initially an exam question to be answer in the style of a mini-essay e.g.

1) Short Introduction

2) Body of the essay

3) Short Conclusion

As you know when answering an exam question in the essay style when writing about a specific theorist(s) all you had to do at the very least was mention the author’s name(s) and if you wanted to you could include the year too, as long as it was the correct year and if you were in doubt about the year leave it out!!!!!

However, the answer for this assignment while in the same style it must include in-text referencing and a full reference list for all of the academic sources used. In other words, approach this assignment as if it were a mini-essay and apply the formula as you would for a normal essay.

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