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Topic: Speculative trading strategy using options


a) For the company whose shares are to be the underlying for your options, set up an options-based trading strategy given your view of:
• the company
• current market sentiment regarding the segment in which it operates
• likely market movements over the period.
You must support your analysis using real market data (suitably evidenced) as well as suitable academic literature covering analysis methods such as, for instance, economic, fundamental, technical etc.
You must include ‘screen shot’ evidence of the source of your options pricing in an appropriately referenced appendix.
Assessment Brief – Level Five Undergraduate
b) What is the annualised return that you are targeting based on your approach? Assess the risk that your strategy will not produce the returns you have anticipated. You must also assess the risks that the use of an options derivative instrument has introduced to the investment management department.
(500 Words: 10 Marks)
c) Report on the actual profit and loss of your strategy over the period and analyse its actual performance relative to its forecast performance and analyse why your strategy achieved the results observed.
The project report guide will ask to that you use Bloomberg but because of COVID-19 precautions Bloomberg isn’t available to us so credited sources will do.

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Academic level-Undergraduate
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