Topic: Sports governance business essay


Coursework – Assessment 1

When setting your essay title there are certain rules that you will need to follow:

1. The essay must be in the area covered by the module that is Sport Governance.

2. The essay must relate theory to practice using examples from the sport business management professional context.

3. The essay must have a level 6 instruction such as critique, evaluate, analyse.

4. The title must include an organisation/sport to be examined, the issue it is facing, and at least one named governance theory.

Sample Titles: Below are some sample titles to help you in designing your own title.

‘Critically evaluate the concussion scandal in the NFL, and how they have used agency theory in their decision-making process to handle the issue’

‘Critically discuss the issue of alleged substance abuse within British Cycling using stakeholder theory of governance’

‘To investigate and analyse the issue of anti-doping in the Australian Football League using stewardship governance theory’

‘Critically evaluate the equal pay of prize money within grand slams of professional tennis using stakeholder theory’

‘With reference to the RB Leipzig model, critically evaluate the effectiveness of the 50+1rule on clubs in the Bundesliga using agency governance theory’.

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