Topic: sprint planning and sprint board in project management


For this assignment, you will use the team’s release plan to plan the first sprint for your project. Sprints are short intervals (usually 1-4 weeks in length, with 2 weeks being most common) in which the team works to complete a selected list of features related to a specific release.

For example, in the scenario where your team is building a software product to streamline employee’s job tasks, the project was broken into three distinct phases during release planning.

Sprint planning will further subdivide a release into multiple intervals (sprints) to get all the features required for a release completed within in a specified timeframe.

The team’s Scrum master plays an integral role in managing a team’s sprint. For the purposes of this course, your team will engage in three 1-week sprints.

Your deliverables for this module are a sprint board for 90 story points worth of features and a sprint retrospective due by the end of Topic 5. The sprint retrospective should summarize the sprint planning and discuss the team’s effort in estimating the backlog. Use the “Sprint Retrospective” template (attached) to complete this portion of the assignment. Make sure the retrospective:

Identifies the Scrum master.
Includes the user story that guided the sprint planning.
Explains what method the team used to estimate and create the sprint backlog.
Explains the challenges the team faced in estimating and planning its first sprint and what the team will improve upon for the next sprint.
The team will also create a sprint board, which may be submitted in a variety of formats. Review “Resources for Sprint Planning” (attached) for additional information on completing your assignment.
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