Topic: Stakeholder meeting Power Point presentation


Prepare an announcement and agenda for a meeting with healthcare stakeholders to present the key aspects of a plan to adapt the new/upgraded telehealth technology. Must audiovisual with speaker notes to develop points.
1) Identify the key stakeholders who should attend the technology of telehealth acquisition meeting. Identify unknowns, knowledge gaps, missing info, and areas of uncertainty.
2) Create a meeting announcement and agenda. Explain the assumptions underlying the choices made in drafting the documents.
3) Explain how a new or upgraded telehealth technology will support enhanced patient outcomes and organizational effectiveness. Suggest criteria that could be used to evaluate organizational effectiveness.
4) Identify the outcome measures a hospital/patient care setting will use to determine the effectiveness of anew or upgraded telehealth technology and evaluate the quality of the existing data.
5) Address patient confidentiality and privacy concerns associated with the use of a new or upgraded telehealth technology. Identify knowledge gaps, unknowns, missing info, and areas of uncertainty.
6) Identify the steps and timeline needed to deploy a new or upgraded telehealth technology. Identify the assumptions on which the timeline is based.

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