Topic: Strategic Planning and Change Management report

An introduction, and the aim of the report

Choose your Organization / Service:

This needs to be a public sector / service or a non-for-profit organization. The more specific the better. It can be a service or department within an organization.

What are their strategic objectives: Access the latest organizational strategy or policy documents setting the policy goals and targets around a particular service. Is the strategy a new one, setting a new strategy direction or a new policy aspiration? (Latest Strategic document)

Organization / service structure: Add a graphical representation of the organizational structure of the service (top level) – (research the website of the organization for an organogram)

Work streams / policies under way: What main initiatives are taking place currently? (Look for a business plan, or current strategy)

Achievements in the last year: What main achievements did the organization have in the past year? (annual Report)

Identified areas of concerns: Look for a regulator or audit report

Identity a strategic problem: You can do this by conducting a:

PEST Analysis: Outline the main factors and trends that may affect your organization in the near future a long term

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 17/4500

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