Topic: Strategic Project Management


Epassamoto Solutions is a traditional company with a combined
workforce of 356 staff. Due to increased levels of competition, this company is now increasingly finding it difficult to compete – especially as the larger companies seem to be a little more innovative, agile and
responsive to client requirements. Management have noticed that staff (especially the good ones) are now leaving the company to seek work elsewhere (in these larger companies). This has meant appointing new
staff and undertaking a considerable amount of re-training (to replace those that have left), which has had a negative impact on Epassamoto
Solution’s core business.
Given this position, senior management at Epassamoto Solutions have decided to implement a performance measurement tool (PMT) that would allow them to align the strategic, management and operational
requirements of the business. They are therefore considering the adoption of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) or Performance Pyramid (PP) tools to improve on the overall business performance. However, this is completely new to them (and they have never done this before).

You are required to carry out the following tasks:

1. Critically discuss the concept, purpose and benefits of
organizational performance measurement comparing and
contrasting the traditional and innovative performance
measurements approaches.

2. As the newly appointed business improvement consultant to Epassamoto Solutions,

a. advise top management at Epassamoto Solutions on a choice
between BSC and PP;

b. discuss how the performance measurement tool you
recommend in (a) above could be used to improve the overall business performance of Epassamoto Solutions

Assignment submission
A report format

Marking Scheme and Assessment Criteria

the assignment.
The following marking criteria will be applied:

• Evidence of critical understanding – concepts, theories and
ideas developed;

• Ability to analyse, evaluate and apply concepts in a
professional environment;

• Clarity of solution generation – focus, synthesis and academic

Type of service-Academic paper writing
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Academic level-Doctoral
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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