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The activity below is similar to what you are asked to do in your final assessment for this module. By completing this exercise, you will be getting good practice ahead of that assessment. You will see some generic feedback posted by “LSBF Task Feedback” in the top response in the forum below. After you have posted your own response, read through this feedback and think about how it applies to your own work.


Write a business report (1000 words +/- 10%) where you will:

You have been asked to observe, advise, and act as a consultant to the sales director of a medium-sized company operating in the pharmaceutical sector of the UK economy. The company is about to launch a new product that it hopes will soon become a market leader in its particular niche. As a consequence, the sales force (both management and field personnel) will face major challenges over the launch period and subsequent sell-in.

Explain and analyse the main environmental factors that might affect a new product launch and the role of the sales force in ensuring that the launch and its rollout programme is a success. [50 marks]

Explain how the sales team can benefit from a full review of training, both in sales technique and new product knowledge. [50 marks]

Total: 100 marks

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