Topic: strategy and strategic management of starbucks


Develop a 3,200 – 3,500 word management report, addressing the following issues:Based on an organisation selected to base your study of strategy and strategic management (previously assigned or agreed by the module tutor), develop a 3,200 – 3,500 word management report, addressing the following issues
1. Critically evaluate the current strategic position of your case study organisation, establishing the basis and sustainability of their competitive advantage in its present market or markets 35%
You will use a range of appropriate theoretical models or materials (industry / sector / market / company data) to critically evaluate the company’s strategic position including considerations for environment, strategic capabilities, purpose and organisational culture. The theoretical concepts and frameworks must be used to develop considerations for the basis and sustainability potential in achieving competitive advantage.2. Develop and critically evaluate a minimum of three (3) strategic options available to the organisation to ensure success of its business strategy over the next three to five years 35%
In developing the strategic options, you must differentiate strategic options from operational plans, strategic from tactical, as well as long-term intent from short-term initiatives.3. Evaluate the strategic options developed in part 2 of the report and select a strategic option for the organisation to implement. Critically discuss a range of implementation issues associated with the selected option, outlining and evaluating the process of leading and managing the proposed strategic option implementation 30%
Using option evaluation techniques justify your preferred option. In discussing the issues, pay particular attention to the key business relationships and how they might be managed in implementing this preferred option.

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