Topic: Strategy for International Business report

The report should be 3000 words plus an executive summary, table of contents, tables, diagrams, bibliography and relevant appendices

The assignment requires a critical evaluation of Siemens AG’s strategy. This will be achieved by analysing the company’s stated strategy for competitive advantage followed by an appraisal of its strengths and weaknesses and recommendations on how it might be improved.

The assignment requires you to analyse the company’s stated strategy for competitive advantage drawing on concepts from the positioning school (e.g. Mintzberg et al, 2009; Porter, 2008; and the resource-based view (e.g. Barney, 1991).

Taking this analysis as the starting point, you are expected to produce strategic recommendations for improving Siemens AG’s strategy. This should probe the

validity of the strategic elements identified in the first part of the analysis and recommend changes to the strategy to deliver improved organizational performance.

A range of frameworks from various strategy schools needs to be employed to underpin your critical appraisal. In particular, you should draw on the alternative strategic concepts and frameworks identified in Mintzberg et al (2009: 5) as the “descriptive schools”.

Where appropriate you may draw upon evidence beyond the annual report. Your response should use Minzberg’s classifications of strategy to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages they may bring to the design of effective organizational strategies for Siemens AG. The assignment should give clear citations to academic and other sources.

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Type of assignment: Report

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