Topic: Student Evaluations of Course Faculty: What to do?


you will analyze the attached student evaluation of a course faculty. Actually these are YOUR course evaluations for a class you recently taught. Based on your analysis, you will develop an improvement plan for yourself including the following elements using these headings:

Overview of Analysis (including positive, constructive and negative feedback from both the data and comments)
Identification of Concerns (including evidence of concerns, data supporting the concerns, etc.)
Specific Plan for improvement (how will you address each concern identified, plan must be detailed and doable. Use SMART goals.)
Reflections (Now that you have had some time with the information and developed your plan, reflect on how you felt as you read the report for the first time. How you feel over time? How did you handle the students’ evaluation and comments? What did you learn from this process? How will you use this in your future nurse educator role?)

***This assignment will be written as a formal paper.

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Type of assignment-Essay
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Academic level-Master’s
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