Topic: Subvertisement for the company


We are creating a subvertisement for the company “Rimmel”. They still test on animals in some countries. The purpose is to show the brand identity and their typical advert symbols and signs, but then show through blood on models and some raw footage of animals being tested in labs the reality behind this brand.
I have attached a script for our subvertisement and some files on how to structure the report and some useful information.
1000 word report :

Elementt 2 (E2): You will individually write a reflective report that evaluates, as a case study, how you would execute this subvertising campaign (1,000 words)

E2 should take the form of a report, which should include:

-Overview: Include a brief overview of the subvertising campaign (What, Where, Who, How and Why?) and your rationale for this choice;

-Plan: Outline your prospective plan for running the campaign, including any organisations or people that would be important collaborators and help the campaign succeed

-A timeline: Propose a realistic timeline for each stage for the subvertisement campaign, specifying the start and finish of each stage

-Audience: Identify your chosen audience for the planned campaign and your rationale for this choice

-Reflection: Evaluate and reflect on the process of developing your campaign, what you have learned, and what you might do differently

Type of services: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Report
Subject: Communication & Media
Pages / words: 4/100
Number of sources: N/A
Academic level: GCSE /A Level
Paper format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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