Topic: Sustainability, Climate Change and Economics

Oral presentation – introduce your case study

Present a case study of an issue within a business, public sector or civil society settings that requires apolicy intervention to improve sustainability performance or climate change response. Address thefollowing:

  • Justify the selection of the case study;
  • Explain the status quo and need for a policy intervention within a sustainability context, includingenvironmental, social, economic and other considerations; and
  • Describe the desired outcome from the policy intervention for this particular case study.

The various components that will be assessed in the presentation are:

  • Structure: how the presentation follows the required structure, organisation of thepresentation, highlighting the main points and bringing them together in theconclusion;
  • Main argument: how the ideas are conveyed and depth of understanding; and
  • Clarity: clarity and standard of the presenter, handling of data and literature sources,originality of ideas and handling of questions from the audience.


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