Topic: Tackling Global-Local Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability


Construct a narrative (i.e., tell the story) that covers your own ethical journey from first memories to date.

In this piece of work, you should include a written definition of general
ethics and business ethics which is applicable to the above. This
should be referenced. You also need a brief introduction and
conclusion. Start by jotting down relevant names (initials if you
prefer), dates and events that stood out for you and develop these into
a simple diagram:
You should include experiences that had a negative impact on you as well
as those that had a positive impact. The journey narrative can include
general as well as business ethical challenges where it was difficult for you to decide what was the right action to take (ethical dilemma). Events should include a description of the background, the nature of the situation itself, how you acted and some reflection on consequences. Link the reflection on consequences to any ethical theory you think appropriate.

Please include an abstract and contents page.

Please try to include references from these materials.
Illes, K. and Vogell, C., 2018. Corporate values from a
personal perspective. Social Responsibility Journal, 14(2),
2. Scheyvens, R., Banks, G. and Hughes, E., 2016. The
private sector and the SDGs: The need to move beyond
‘business as usual’. Sustainable Development, 24(6),
3. Duska, R (2000) ‘Business Ethics: Oxymoron or Good
Business?’ Business Ethics Quarterly, Vol. 10, No. 1,
Globalization and the Ethics of Business (January
2000), pp. 111-129.

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