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Teamwork Reflection

Reflect upon your teamwork skills by addressing the five questions below. Submit to Blackboard a typed document: a minimum of one page and a maximum of 2 pages.

Contributes to Team Meetings
Give examples of how you participated in team meetings or discussions (online or face-to-face). For example, did you share your ideas and/or offer new suggestions to help the team move forward? Were you able to offer alternative solutions and/or build on the ideas of others?

Facilitates the Contributions of Team Members
Give examples of how you encouraged others to participate. For example, did you politely listen to your teammates? Did you ask questions to clarify what was said? Did you urge non-participants to engage in the discussion and/or work?

Individual Contributions to Team-related Work Outside of Team Meetings
Describe and give examples of how you contributed to the completion of team-related work. For example, did you complete your assigned tasks by the deadline? Was your work high-quality and did it help advance the work of the team? Were you able to assist other team members with their tasks?

Supports Constructive Team Climate
Give examples of how you communicated positively with team members. For example, did you treat your team members with respect? Did you provide constructive rather than critical feedback? Did you use positive non- verbals, such as tone of voice, facial expressions, and/or a positive written tone (if online)? Did you provide assistance and/or encouragement to team members?

Responds to Differences of Opinion
Describe how you helped the team make decisions together but ensured you expressed your opinion. For example, did you passively accept the opinions and viewpoints of others or did you positively engage in the discussion? If a difference of opinion did arise, were you able to redirect the focus back to the task at hand? Did you stay with the conflict until it was resolved?

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