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Technical standards are important to ensure that all development staff utilize the same technologies for consistency, maintenance, and support. By ensuring that all individuals follow a specific set of standards, development processes can be efficiently completed by many different individuals rather than having the dependency on a few.

In this assessment you complete SDP Section 6, Standards and Procedures, which is intended to provide developers a high-level view of technologies to be used.

Review the CapraTek Overview found in the assessment Resources.
Save a new version of your SDP document using this assessment number and use it to complete the assessment.
Consider the CapraTek scenario and address the items below in Section 6 of the CapraTek SDP document:

Create a technology stack component diagram showing where each technical operation is performed.
Describe the following components and justify why each is important for solving the identified technical challenges:
Servers: Describe the various types of servers that are appropriate for integration with the identified applications.
Development Software: Identify four development and support tools needed for software development that both address identified technical challenges and interoperate with Java and .NET operations. Justify your choices.

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