Topic: Telling a Story one you have never heard before


For this assignment, you are going to interview a parent or grandparent (extended family or close family friends are also acceptable, but they should be considerably older than you). During the interview, you should ask questions to gather additional details. You will then turn your notes into a story.


2. The story must be one you have never heard before or at least one where you were too young to understand things fully.

3. The story must not just a collection of anecdotes. The story should be about something that is important to your interviewee and which changed them or how they understood the world in some way. You should ask your interviewee for this kind of story.

4. The story must be appropriate to share with your classmates (nothing illegal, etc).

5. The person you interview needs to be able to speak and read English. Alternately, you will need to have at least one family member who can read English and who knows your interviewee. If you cannot meet these criteria, talk to us ASAP.

Aside from these guidelines, you have wide freedom with your story – the story can be about pretty much anything. It can take place in one day or over many years. It can be a sad story or a happy one. You may choose whatever structure pleases you (and suits the story). You may write your story in the first or third person, and in the past or present tense.

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