Topic: Ten hypothetical and their questions


By reading the attachment (The Klosterman hypothetical and their questions )you should digest Klosterman’s interest in the hypothetical question as a way to interrogate the reader about questions that you, the reader, must ask of yourself as you, the reader, sees yourself as part of the world–that world being one filled with sometimes very selfish motives.

His questions are INCREDIBLY layered (like nachos), and they require peeling away, word by word, in order to find motive for why he, Klosterman, asked them.

So your prompt:

Write TEN of your own hypotheticals, within the Klosterman tradition of hypotheticals. They should do exactly what his do–that is, give a kind of story and/or context for the question that you are asking. Set up the question with clues as to how that question should be answered.

And as in all of his own hypos, there should be no RIGHT answer to yours, but there definitely should be a RIGHTER answer to yours. So write ten of your own, the longer the better.

No rules, really, just keep them within the parameters of how Klosterman does his own.

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