Topic: Terrorist attack in Nice (France) 14th july 2016


The question would be: how was this event “framed” by certain media channels (TV, Internet, papers, scientific articles) in order to communicate a certain message to the people? This applies to all other violent events that we encounter almost daily through and by the media. What is important for me is that you try to analyze this event on of how it was “framed” by a certain medium and, thus, try to interpretate the message that this medium wanted to deliver to the beholder (that is you).
What was, according to the terrorist attack in Nice, the most important aspect of this incident (for instance, the religious or social background of the terrorists?)
b) what is the message resulting from such a “frame” (for instance, the relationship between terrorism and a particular religion or social condition)
c) how do you evaluate this message from the perspective of your own “private” agenda setting (for instance, what should have been highlighted by the media more or less in order to alter the message and make it, in your opinion, more adequate). Or, maybe you agree with the way an event or incident has been depicted? Try to explain why.

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