Topic: Tesla Case Study


About 600 words to answer this portion using at least 2 sources.

Industry Analysis: Start with an analysis of the competitive dynamics of the industry and show how these have contributed to the present industry structure. Your industry analysis must consider the effect of each of the five competitive forces.

You can then use this analysis to explain the pattern of evolution of this industry structure. For example, is there a single firm that has clearly dominated the industry over the last few years?

Or are there a few firms that are locked into a struggle for industry leadership? What are the driving forces that determine success in this industry?

Five forces:
–The threat of new entrants to the market
–The bargaining power of suppliers
–The bargaining power of customers
–The threat of substitution
–The intensity of rivalry among competing firms

About 250 words to answer this question with at least 1 source

Can you make any inferences from the 5-year stock price chart?

About 250 words to answer this question with at least 1 source

Is Tesla in contravention of the new California law based on the number of current board members? are fines a deterrent?

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