Topic: The Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility in Improving an Organization’s Financial Performance During the Covid-19 Pandemic



CONTINUE writing from the attached D-methodology document.

Requirements: Expands on the literature review to provide a rationale for the research and its objectives and describe the research method that has been used. Provides excellent theoretical understanding rigorously argued approach, exceptional understanding evident.

The methodology should include:

3.1 Research philosophy and paradigm.(You may want to justify in a few sentences why you chose the approach you are using e.g. why is a positivist approach appropriate to answer the questions you raise?)

3.2 Research Design

3.3 Sampling (FTSE 100 companies in london stock exchange)

3.4 Data Collection Method (Which database to find data etc)

3.5 Definition of variables

A table listing the variables. (check example attached).

3.5.1 Independent Variable (measurement of CSR)

3.5.2 Dependent Variable (ROA for profitability, growth rate for growth and Tobin’s Q for firm value). VIEW THE TWO PDF METHODOLOGY PART ATTACHED FOR AN IDEA OF IT.

3.5.3 Control Variable (eg: firm size)

3.6 Data Analysis approaches (regression to find correlation)

3.7 Reliability and Validity

Other necessary information should be included as well.

Type of services: Dissertation services
Type of assignment: Dissertation Chapter-Results
Subject: Business
Pages / words: 4/1100
Number of sources: 8
Academic level: Bachelors
Paper format: Harvard
Line Spacing: Double
Language style: UK English

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