Topic: The effects of technology in ethics research paper

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Write a formal research paper of 2,250–3,250words (12pt, double space, 1” margin, conformed to the writing style of your major) reflecting on some current injustice that impacts the world today and connects with your major area of study. The paper should demonstrate:1) rigorous and careful research regarding the situation, 2) various perspectives on the injustice, and 3) possible responses to the problem. You may approach this paper from a theological perspective (describing how the church ought to respond) or from an ethical perspective (how anybody ought to perceive and respond to the situation). In either case, students should demonstrate a solid grasp of the way ethical theory and/or social justice views operate with respect to the topic (i.e. which theory you are using to address a problem and how ethical theory/social justice views identifies or evaluates the injustice). Significant deductions will be incurred for poor formatting, failure to follow directions and lack of adequate research.
Common problems on this assignment include: 1) failing to identify which ethical theories are active in a particular debate, 2) failing to identify a clear thesis and itinerary for the paper, 3) lacking proper research and resources, particularly from the field of ethics, and 4) lacking adequate editing, formatting and paper structure. These problems will result in significant deductions.
Grading deductions will be incurred for spelling/grammar errors, improper documentation (beware of relying on treacherous internet sources!).
-Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, readability, consistency of notations/spacing/pagination (50points)
-Quality of research, accuracy of citations, connection of thesis to the scholarly field, use of primary sources (50points)
-Logical connectedness of the paragraphs/points, visibility of a structure/outline, transitions between points/paragraphs (50points
)-Thesis development, quality of argument, appropriate length/word count, and strength of conclusions(50points)
-Total Points: 200
Since this is a “research paper” students should utilize 7-10 sources in writing a unique thesis about a meaningful topic related to the course.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Research paper
Subject: Public relations
Pages/words: 8/2200
Number of sources: 6
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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