Topic: The essay answers this question: “Failing to meet the needs of employees will limit an organisation’s ability to achieve their strategic goals and gain competitive advantage”.


• With reference to human resource management (HRM) models, theories, and concepts about (HRM Issues in the Contemporary Environment: Employee Engagement, Global Disruption, Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing) provide a critical essay response to this statement.

• One of the HRM models should be the Harvard model

• The response will be explaining whether or not employer implemented HR activities that encourage employee engagement and build diverse work forces lead to meeting employee AND organisational needs.

• In preparing the essay response, there must be 8 relevant academic articles drawn to support the response to the essay question.

• The essay should be structured as an argumentative essay that critically examines the statement using evidence from the readings. The essay must conform to the academic conventions of essay writing. It should include in-text citation of the references used to write the essay and a correctly formatted reference list at the end of the essay.

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