Topic: The evolution of drug resistance and the orthodoxy of chemotherapy used in disease treatment


The assignment briefing says this; 400-word discussions on each of the 5 research talks that run throughout the semester. The underpinning science and the wider impact/relevance of each research talk will need to be covered with discussion supported by reference to the primary research literature and to the “grey literature” (here this refers to print and online media and to coverage in both trade and popular media). So, the summary is that; this assignment is going to be only one of these 5 talks mentioned above. The talk is called: “The evolution of drug resistance and the orthodoxy of chemotherapy by Andrew Read” and the title is also the subject here.

These references must be used as well:
1. Hansen, E., Woods, R.J. and Read, A.F., 2017. How to use a chemotherapeutic agent when resistance to it threatens the patient. PLoS biology, 15(2), p.e2001110.
2. Kennedy, D.A. and Read, A.F., 2017. Why does drug resistance readily evolve but vaccine resistance does not?. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 284(1851), p.20162562.
3. Wale, N., Sim, D.G., Jones, M.J., Salathe, R., Day, T. and Read, A.F., 2017. Resource limitation prevents the emergence of drug resistance by intensifying within-host competition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(52), pp.13774-13779.
And, these specific questions must be put in essay as subtitles or questions, and needs to be answered:
1) To what extent do you think the sorts of arguments Andrew is making are directly applicable to human health?
2) To what extent do you think that treatments, and treatment options, that are optimal for an individual might be far from optimal at a population level (and vice versa)?
3) Are “evolution proof” treatments realistic?

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