Topic: The Impact of Diversity and Inclusion in the Learning Environment


As the title of our text suggests, “Everything IS an argument.” In college-level writing, and potential in the workforce, you will encounter what is known is academic discourse or academic argument (Lunsford and Ruszkiewicz 379). This type of argument is based on the following components (Lunsford and Ruszkiewicz 379-380):
• Based on research and uses evidence that can be documented
• Written for a professional or academic audience
• Clear, compelling point
• Follows agreed upon conventions (formal, academic rhetoric)
• Documented using a formal citation style (MLA format)
• Appeal to reason
For this type of argument, as is the case with many college essays in various fields of study, the research will be taking the front seat. With this essay, you will need to use the information from your Annotated Bibliography to present a quality argumentative piece. The purpose of this essay is to choose a side and argue it; however, it is important to know all claims and aspects of your topic. Solid research and support is needed to provide a quality position stance.
Another key component to an argumentative piece is looking at the opposing viewpoint (or viewpoints, in some cases). What would your opposers say regarding your argument? Why are they wrong? This is something that you need to consider in order to present a quality piece. With an argumentative essay, it is not just about presenting research that supports your opinion; you also need to look at what your opposers believe, present why they are wrong, and include strong support in doing so. This approach helps to pull in those that disagree with you to make them see the topic through your lens. You do not need to persuade those that agree with you (they are already on your side); remember, you are writing to those that may be on the fence or oppose your views.
Before you get into the strong argumentative stance, you want to make sure you are including a brief analysis of your topic. Your reader needs to know some of the general information surrounding the issue to better understand your stance on the argument. Remember, this is a research paper, and your support should come through strong research! Additionally, you want to consider the audience. Who is the main target group? Whom are you addressing? This will help you when constructing your piece (specifically your thesis).

Essays need to include an introduction that provides a brief background on your topic and includes a solid thesis that states what you will be arguing in your essay. The body section should include adequate research and support to uphold your thesis. In your conclusion, you want to summarize your essay and restate your thesis to bring a resolution to your piece. An outline must also be submitted to present your thesis statement, paragraph organization, and research inclusion.

General Minimum Assignment Expectations:
• 8 – 10 pages (Must be 8 pages to be given credit)
• 100 points possible (25% of overall grade)
• MLA format (8th edition)
• At least 8 outside sources
• Strong support for your main argument
• At least one opposing viewpoint is addressed
• No more than 25% of essay should be outside source material

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