Topic: The importance of effective communication in palliative care


Can you please proof read and edited and follow the assignment making sure all learning outcomes are met in the learning contract. The following must include in the essay ;
An introduction, define what pallatiave care

Issues affecting communication in pallatiave care

Why communication is important when dealing with patients with pallatiave care needs, use the nmc code and what it says about communucation ,( policies, respect form).

What are the barriers to communication and relate to adult nursing practice
Other recommendations for practice
Summarise all the main points in the essay with a conclusion.
This is a level 5 undergraduate degree please see marking grid sheet
General essay writing guidance for level 5 academic work:
• Ensure your essay is within the word limit. This is 2, 000 words +/- 10%. If your essay is significantly under the recommended range, it is likely to be of insufficient depth to meet the learning outcomes. It tends to mean there is not enough explanation, or depth of discussion.
• Assess your own work in relation to the marking grid for level 5 so that you can be sure you are on track
• Support your work with substantial wider reading and use of appropriate resources (textbooks, peer reviewed journal articles, other research, high quality/professional websites eg NICE, NMC, Cochrane). This will enable you to give sufficient explanation, allow you to present different perspectives, substantiate and refine the points you are making, and improve how you express your ideas. Please check if you are unsure of the quality of the sources that you are using. Generic web searches tend to provide sources which are poor quality, not peer reviewed or pitched inappropriately (too high or too low) Things to look out for and discuss with tutors include:
 If you have numerous websites/blogs supporting your points
 If you have large sections with no references
 If you are over reliant on one or two sources
• Critical writing: moving from identifying and describing, towards explaining how and why, evaluating, debating, and discussing issues in more depth than Level 4/year 1. For example, why is this point important to make? How does it relate to the issue under discussion? Are they any counter points to make? You are also strongly advised to use the academic/critical writing workshops and resources run by the library (see library homepage), and to practice writing as you move through the module, so we can support you to develop this skill.
o Writing from an objective 3rd person perspective: NOT ‘I’ or ‘the author’, ‘we’ etc. There is advice available on course resources or please ask in advance for a module tutor to check a section of your writing
o Citing your sources according to the University-wide Harvard system of referencing. Further advice and information can be found on the Library homepage and course resources, or using Cite Them Right.
o Ensure that you also have a reference list presented in Harvard style
 Must be in alphabetical order, consistent formatting (No bullet pointed or numbered lists)
 For an essay of this length and academic level, expect to have numerous references which represent a balance of appropriate, peer reviewed sources such as nursing research texts, journal articles as well as some other primary and secondary research, clinical guidelines and appropriate, high quality websites.

Type of service-Writing from scratch
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-8 / 2000
Academic level-Undergraduate
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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