Topic: The Internet of Things, its impact on the Security of the Healthcare Industry and their Response to these Challenges


(3000-word limit)

Explain what is meant by the Internet of Things. How might the Internet of Things have impacted on security in the workplace, and how might the security industry best respond to these challenges?

This written assessment explores how the Internet of Things (IoT) has begun to, and will likely become, a greater challenge for security of the workplace. You are reminded, that as with cybercrime, the Internet of Things does not have a consistent definition, and it is important at the start of this assessment, most likely within your introduction section, to consider how you define the IoT. However, you should not spend a significant amount of your word count doing this as it will result in your assignment being overly descriptive and failing to give enough attention to the crux of the essay question, which is concerned with (i) impact and (ii) best practice prevention responses.

You will need to spend some time unpicking your definition of the IOT to justify why you have used this. It will also be helpful to demonstrate why the IoT is different to ICT, and how the cybercrime threat has changed and is changing as a result of this. The concepts of connectedness and the interface between the social and cyber environments are key concepts to explore here. Once you have discussed what is meant by the IoT, the second part of this assessment is to focus on how the IOT has impacted on cybercrime in the workplace. You will also need to be selective because you will not have space to discuss all of the changes in IoT, cybercrime and impact on workplace security. Therefore, it will be useful to select two or three examples to examine.

Following on from this, you should consider what is best practice for prevention of cybercrime for IoT in the workplace. Again, you will need to be selective. It is recommended you provide an overview of some of the key prevention options available. You should not spend a significant amount of your word count doing this as it will result in your assignment being overly descriptive and unable to focus on ‘best responses’ It is recommended you use the 2-3 examples of IoT cybercrime you developed earlier in the written assessment, and consider best practice prevention in the context of each of these.

Try and ensure that you have a clear argument backed up by academic evidence and references throughout your essay. With all essay answers, please must refer to the academic literature to support your points. Please also ensure that you engage in critical analysis in your essay, rather than just presenting the information.

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