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The Invention of Modern Conveniences:
Pick three late-nineteenth century inventions and discuss how they eased the drudgery of everyday life and reshaped social interactions. Were the effects of these inventions entirely positive? Were there any negatives involved in these inventions?
Juxtapose these three 19th inventions with the introduction and use of the Internet in our modern world. How has the use of the Internet reshaped social interactions? Are the effects of the Internet entirely positive? Are there any negatives involved in the use of modern technology?
The paper should follow the rules of correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure and, be no less than four full pages in length. The Works Cited and title pages do not count as pages of text. It should be double-spaced and have proper parenthetical documentation. Number all of your pages. A bibliography (Works Cited) is required in addition to the four pages of content.
You may cite my GK columns and the textbook but, you must also use at least two additional sources other than my columns or the textbook.
An online encyclopedia is not an acceptable additional source. So, do not use a source like Wikipedia, Britannia etc. or you will automatically lose points.
There should be no “creative spacing” in your paper. In other words…do not waste space! Margins shall be 1 inch. The paper should use either Verdana or Times New Roman font, and the font size should be no larger than 12 points.
In other words, the paper should be solid and show analytical research of the topic. Please do not fill the paper with huge quotations. You may quote, but you must also make critical analysis. Essay conformance to either the Modern Language Association of America (M. L. A.) or Kate Turabian (Turabian) is required. Both of these writing guides should be available in any library. I have also posted a writing help cite under Frequently Asked Questions.

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