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The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner
Reflection Questions for Chapters 10-19
CHOOSE ONE QUESTION ONLY. Please answer in 2 page minimum, double spaced TNR. Essay does NOT need to be formal; you may use personal pronouns. Use plenty of the text to support your thoughts… you don’t need cite, but you should note the page number in parenthesis. YOU SHOULD NOT USE A COMPLETE MLA STYLE HEADER. Your name is fine; creative title is a plus. Delete spaces between paragraphs. You should cite, but you shouldn’t use big block quotes- one block quote per paper. Longer than 3 no more than 7. MUST HAVE BOOK/NOVEL ON W/C PAGE. No other sources needed or required.

  1. Readers, especially American readers, learn a lot about Afghani culture, especially those relationships and rituals that revolve around courtship and marriage. What have you learned? How are these cultural values and rituals different than your values and rituals?
  2. Amir and Baba immigrate here under less than ideal circumstances. These chapters are about the challenges and the rewards of an immigrant.. explain some of their challenges in adjusting to American culture, and some of the rewards? Is this typical of the immigrant experience here, or has this changed recently?
  3. Amir meets the love of his life; ironically, he also loses his two biggest influences in these chapters. Explain how these big life events change him for better & for worse.
  4. Describe and analyze the relationship between Amir and Soraya. How are they similar? How are they complimentary? What challenges and disappointments do they face? What kind of predictions can you make about the future of their relationship.
  5. Lots of changes have happened politically in Afghanistan. What has happened to the country and the people? Look at Rahim Khan, Hassan and Farid for examples.
  6. Chapters 17-18 contain one of the biggest plot twist in the novel. What is it? What was Amir’s reaction? Why? What was your reaction as a reader to this “news”? Have there been scenes or bits of foreshadowing in previous chapters that now make sense to you?
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