Topic: The Orisha philosophy essay


Reading: Clark’s Santeria (pages 45 – 65); Gonzalez – Wippler’s Santeria: The Religion (pages
25 – 75).
Doing: Choose one Orisha and visit a place that you feel embodies the power of him/her (i.e. a
river for Ochun, a crossroads for Eleggua, a train station for Oggun, the ocean for Yemaya etc.).
Stop, sit, take time. Try to feel the energy of the place. Draw it.
Writing: Write a two to three page paper about the place/Orisha you have chosen to draw.
Describe the place in one paragraph. Use the rest of the paper to describe the nature of the
Orisha’s power and meaning as you think a Santero/a would perceive them (you may use quotes
from the reading if that helps you). Attach your drawing to the paper. 2 – 3 pages.

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