Topic: The role of Digital marketing in Building a successful brand within restaurant industry

Draft required 7 pages + well-structured + cited references


Research Questions and Objectives:
Research questions

– How to build a successful brand
– How to build and maintain successful relationship between brand and customer
– The importance of brand in restaurant industry
– How promotions associated with particular brand allow to gain competitive advantage
– How digital marketing can be used to build brand awareness
– The reach of digital marketing and how restaurant can use it to create online presence
– How celebrity endorsement can be used to develop a restaurant brand

Research objectives

– To understand how branding can determine success of the restaurant
– To understand steps required to build successful brand
– To understand how use of promotion can build brand awareness and brand loyalty
– To understand how digital marketing can be used to promote restaurants

Method: Secondary data collection
Research Design:
Research will use secondary sources to investigate the brand of a chosen restaurant

(Nusr-Et) Their brand and promotional tools used to build and maintain brand awareness and competitive advantage.
Data Collection:
Secondary data collection using internet resources and online databases. Furthermore, phone interview with owners of similar establishments will be conducted in order to compare other restaurants in the industry.

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation
Pages / words-15 / 4000
Number of sources-45
Academic level-Bachelor’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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