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Topic: “The Role of Emotion in Ethical Decision-Making”


reading Callahan’s article “The Role of Emotion in Ethical Decision-Making”, write a 2-3 (double-spaced) page paper that either supports or refutes Callahan’s argument about emotions in ethical decision-making.

You must find and cite (in a standard citation format like APA or MLA) at least 1 credible external sources as part of your argument (your friend’s personal opinion is not a credible source

support the articles argument and write agreeing and supporting Callahan’s argument. use external reputable source to support this argument

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-3 / 825
Number of sources-1
Academic level-Senior (College 4th year)
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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