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The assignment briefing says this; 400-word discussions on each of the 5 research talks that run throughout the semester. The underpinning science and the wider impact/relevance of each research talk will need to be covered with discussion supported by reference to the primary research literature and to the “grey literature” (here this refers to print and online media and to coverage in both trade and popular media). So, the summary is that; this assignment is going to be only one of these 5 talks mentioned above. The talk is called: ” IRC 2019, Keynote: Professor Eleanor Riley” and the title is also the subject here.
The “speaker” is Prof Eleanor Riley from the University of Edinburgh. Eleanor is an immunologist who here is talking about malaria.
These references must be used as well:
1. Mooney, J.P., Qendro, T., Keith, M., Philbey, A.W., Groves, H.T., Tregoning, J.S., Goodier, M.R. and Riley, E.M., 2020. Natural Killer cells dampen the pathogenic features of recall responses to influenza infection. Frontiers in Immunology, 11.
2. Mooney, J.P., Galloway, L.J. and Riley, E.M., 2019. Malaria, anemia, and invasive bacterial disease: A neutrophil problem?. Journal of leukocyte biology, 105(4), pp.645-655.
3. (
These papers will give you some context and introduce you to a related topic.
And, these specific questions must be put in essay as subtitles or questions, and needs to be answered:
1) How do you think interactions between parasites and pathogens shape health and the human response to such infections?
2) How might, or should, an understanding of such interactions guide public health policy?

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