Topic: The Tempest Why was Prospero banished to the island?


Answer each of the following questions as completely as you can, citing specific passages in the play to justify your response. To support your answers, quote the relevant parts of each passage cited and give both its act number and scene number in parenthesis. Work to offer two to three citations to support your answer.

  1. Why was Prospero banished to the island?
  2. How could Ariel earn freedom?
  3. Under what circumstances does Stephano meet Caliban?
  4. In what condition are Gonzalo’s clothes after being washed up on the island?
  5. What does Prospero tell Ferdinand that he (Prospero) will do to him( ActI, Sc.2)
  6. What does Prospero arrange for the shipwrecked passengers when Gonzalo states that he “….can go no further,…”?
  7. What does Prospero caution Ferdinand after he (Prospero) gives Miranda to Ferdinand?
  8. What is Ariel’s pronouncement of Alonzo, Sebastian & Antonio?
  9. What is the plot against Prospero that is concocted by Caliban, Trinculo & Stephano?
  10. What invitation does Prospero make to those who banished him?

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