Topic: the zombie and ghost of slavery


By resituating the figure of the zombie within its African diaspora context we brought a Caribbean perspective on critical modern issues such as alienation, totalitarianism, loss, dispossession, catastrophe, mourning, haunting, globalization, imperialism, creolization, sensationalism, and exoticism. For this final research project you will do a comparative study between representations of the zombie in Caribbean thought and in global mass media. Where do these various representations overlap and diverge? What does it tell us about processes of globalization and/or creolization, power, and modern life/death? You will use these general questions as a starting point for your research project before honing in on a more specific point that will constitute the heart of your argument.Use the library’s resources to find at least three scholarly and culturally significant works (film, articles, books, but no encyclopedia) which will help you acquire a better understanding of your subject matter and provide authoritative documentation as well as a critical perspective to write your paper.

You will be graded on your mastery of the course material, the clarity and originality of your argument, the value and appropriateness of the new materials, and the quality of the delivery (spelling, grammar, style).

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