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To complete this assignment, first listen to the Ooligies podcast with Jane McGonigal. Using the model of certain games McGonigal has made – specifically, games that ask players to collaborate to solve a world problem – design your own video game that engages players in a collaborative quest to solve a problem that affects the quality of life for a significant population in some part of the world.

What is the problem your game’s players are solving?
How do people play this game? How does someone “win?”
What makes your game collaborative? What makes it fun? Why would people want to play it?
Tell us about the experience a player might have in one session of your game. What is the path they follow to accomplish something that allows them to progress/level up/get better?
What does your game train people to do or think?
What restored behaviors does this game ask people to draw on?
Write at least 250 words, but not more than 350.

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