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An IS professional should understand the impact of technological decisions on an organization. By the end of this Discussion, you should be able to apply theories to understand the social forces potentially at play when IS are introduced into an organization and the way these theories may influence design.

To prepare for this Discussion, read the following chapters from the course text, Information Systems and Global Diversity:

Chapter 1, “The Institutional Nature of ICT and Organizational Change”

Chapter 2, “The Socio-technical Nature of Information Systems Innovation”

Discussion Prompt:

Think of a time when you were involved in the introduction of an information system. How do the institutional and socio-technical theories reflect your experiences?

Cite sources from your textbook and the Web to justify your opinion.

Course Text: Information Systems and Global Diversity

Chapter 2, “The Socio-technical Nature of Information Systems Innovation”
Chapter 2 presents information on the socio-technical approach and actor-network theory. The author first outlines the intellectual and political character of the socio-technical approach and then presents the key ideas underpinning the current perceptions of the relationship between ICT and society. This chapter will help you understand how the socio-technical approach is currently being applied to explain the dynamics of organizational change and IS innovation.

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