Topic: Theory Analysis Paper- Behavior Therapy

Do not let your responses to each of these questions be guided or limited by the space between each item below. The space for your answer will automatically expand to accept more narrative. I am looking for no fewer than 2,500 words (including those already on the page) for this Theory Analysis paper including evidence that you know and understand the theory. One word or even one or two sentence answers will not be adequate to answer these questions. No APA, citations, reference page, running head, or title page

1. Who is/are the founder(s) and/or major contributor(s) to this theory?  

B.F. Skinner was a major contributor and spokesperson for the behavior therapy theory. He is the main founder of the theory and is considered to be the father of the behavioral approaches used in psychology. He placed a significant importance on how the environment affects a person’s behavior. He recognized that thoughts and feelings are present in individuals lives; however, he doubted that those thoughts and feelings caused their actions or behaviors. He believed there was an evident cause and effect linkage between conditions and behaviors that could be observed objectively within the environment. Skinner stated that too much attention had been focused on the internal states of individuals’ minds and motives.Please feel free to add more here.

   2.    Describe and differentiate the four developmental areas of Behavior therapy.

a. classical or instrumental conditioning

b. operant conditioning

c. social cognitive theory

d. cognitive behavior therapy

   3.    What are the central characteristics and assumptions that unite the diverse field of behavior therapy?

   4.    Describe the role and function of the therapist in the therapy process.

   5.    Describe the role of the client-therapist relationship in the behavior approaches.

   6.    Identify the diverse array of behavioral techniques and procedures and how they fit within the evidence-based practice movement.

   7.    Describe the key concepts of EMDR, its main applications, and the effectiveness of this approach.

   8.     Describe the basic elements of social skills training.

   9.    Identify the key concepts of the four major approaches of the mindfulness and acceptance based behavior therapies.

10.    Describe the advantages and shortcomings of behavior therapy in working with culturally diverse clients.

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