Topic: Tort Law


Lord Clyde stated in Phelps v Hillingdon LBC [2001] 2 AC 619 HL 671-72 that policy considerations  
“have the advantage of flexibility, enabling the court to define the boundaries of claims for negligence, in the light of new situations and the recognition that incremental growth may require to be controlled, albeit at the risk of some uncertainty, at least in the prediction of the directions in which the law may develop.” 
Critically analyse this statement using examples from case law to illustrate your argument as to whether you agree or disagree with the above statement.   
2000 words 
The maximum number of words permitted is 4,000 words. There is no permitted excess. Any part of your assignment which exceeds 4,000 words will not be marked. You must declare the number of words used on your assignment. The declaration may be checked. A false declaration will be treated as an assessment offence according to University regulations;

You should only use footnotes for referencing. Footnotes which are only references are not included in the word count. Footnotes which are attempting to make points or explain the law are included in the word count;

Words included in the bibliography are not included in the word count;

You need not include cases or legislation in the bibliography provided they have been properly referenced in the text or footnotes;

Books, journals, reports etc. should be included in the bibliography, using OSCOLA;

Any websites referred to must be properly referenced (i.e. the URL alone is not sufficient – cf. OSCOLA, paragraph 3.4.8);

The text of your assessment must be displayed using a 12-point (or larger) Arial or Verdana font and with a line spacing of at least 1.5.

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