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The objective of this report is to inform the Assessors about the candidate’s training and experience (Section 3 “Training and Experience Requirement”). The report provides evidence to demonstrate that the candidate meets the HKIE

Competence Standard for Professional Engineers (Corporate Members). It should be concise, between 1,600 and 2,000 words, in English, typewritten on single sides of A4 paper and submitted in duplicate. At the top of the report, candidates must set out the specific periods of training and experience that they have acquired in chronological order, giving inclusive dates in months and


The report must not be a mere inventory of work prepared and executed. Candidates should:

(a) describe in chronological order the tasks in which they have been employed, state the precise position they have occupied in each case and describe clearly the degree of responsibility they have been assigned;

(b) use the first person (I, me, my) to show their personal contribution;

(c) indicate the size and cost of the works;

(d) elaborate on any particular problems they have encountered and how they

arrived at viable solutions;

(e) provide evidence to demonstrate that the competences set out in the HKIE Competence Standard for Professional Engineers (Corporate Members) are achieved by adding notations in the right margin for the competences (C1, C2…etc.) next to the passage of text. At most four relevant competences should be quoted at a time.

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