Topic: Transnational Management coursework essay

Carefully read Case 6-3, Eli Lilly in India, pp. 55-567 of the Transnational Management textbook. This is a case in the design and management of an international joint venture. Joint ventures are part of the globalization for many MNEs. Did Eli Lilly pursue the right strategy to enter Indian market? What are the implications of globalization in terms of hierarchical and bureaucratic models of leadership, and organizational change? What would you recommend for the future of this joint venture? Why? Find out what happened to this joint venture.


Bartlett, Christopher, and Beamish, Paul (2011). Transnational management: Text, cases, and readings in cross border management (6th ed.). McGraw-Hill Irwin Publishers.

type of assignment: Coursework

Subject: Management

Pages: 5/1375

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