Topic: Trends and Issues in the Visitor Economy – Blog Post

Assessment instructions With the latest trends in mind, this assessment will focus on
restaurants and cafes.

You are a restaurant blogger and want to create a special piece around global trends in restaurants and cafés.

Pick two (2) trends (from the trends list below) and pick a restaurants/ cafes from around the world (not in Australia) of your liking, preferably a BRIC, MINT or EAGLE country and research what latest trends they represent.

Once you have picked a location in the world, find an equivalent in the Australian market and make comparisons by addressing the following questions:

• Who is more “on the trend”?
• How does the different culture have an impact on who is trendier?
• Is the concept the same or different?
• Is it localised (targeting local community) or globalised (targeting tourists from all over the world)?

For this exercise you will have to conduct online research. Feel free to make direct contact (where appropriate) to obtain a fully rounded interpretation of the venues and concepts.

Visual contributions such as photos, videos, etc. are welcome and encouraged.

Trends List:
• Themes
• Interior design
• Any kind of technological implementations
• Artificial intelligence
• Latest food trends catering for a particular group or a changing society
• Environmental trends

As part of the blog post, you are expected to comment and interact with other contributions. Select one (1) other blog post and make a meaningful comment and interact with their post.

In Week 8, we will discuss your contributions in class as part of your learning experience.

There will be a practice exercise leading up to this assessment for you to familiarise yourselves with the padlet function.
Readings for the assessment Students can reference contents listed in the Resources block on
Moodle and demonstrate independent research from relevant and reliable sources.
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Good Food Guide Micheline Guide Restaurant Australia wine/restaurant-australia.html
Restaurant and Catering

UN Sustainable Development ntation%200.1%20 Kelly%20Bricker%20-%20full%20presentation.pdf
World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

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