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Review Writing Guidelines as well as these Detailed Style and Writing Guidelines. If you use ANYONE’S IDEAS, you must cite.


Answer the question below. Please review the ethical essay guidelines as you outline and write your paper. This paper will be very simple:

Necessary Structural Conditions:
1) Have an intro in which you develop a thesis. Your thesis is an answer to a WHAT, WHY, or HOW question.
2) Support your thesis with at least one view from a text that we have read.
3) Criticize your own thesis based on rational grounds. In other words, make sure you attack a very specific area of your argument, rather than just saying, “That view is wrong, and here is a new view.”
4) Have a conclusion in which you suggest how to resolve the conflict between steps (2) and (3).

You have two questions–each question should have at least a 2 page double-spaced times new roman size 12 font answer:

Question 1:
We have discussed how good consequences (e.g., happiness) are a major ethical value by going through the experience machine. But we have also challenged it using the trolley example. Review the Trolley example with the extra module.

Answer this question:
Why is Consequentialism, which focuses on the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people, an inadequate moral theory?

Necessary conditions:

Use your own insight and examples to argue why that theory is inadequate. What moral values does utilitarianism miss that it should not miss?. Moral values other than consequences can be principles, virtues, existential states, etc.

Use at least 1 value that consequentialism misses from the readings. For example, in the trolley case I go through the bridge example to show something specific about what is missed (e.g., moral emotion–which you are not allowed to use). Think principles, virtues, rights, etc.
Question 2:
Why is Ayn Rand wrong about the descriptive account of the world–i.e., that humans are selfish? How can we have a coherent ethical theory that justifies self-sacrifice. Explain such a theory in your own analysis.
Necessary conditions:
Make sure to analyze both the descriptive and the normative.
Your suggested ethical theory of self-sacrifice should be your own. Use your analytical skills to explain HOW you define self-sacrifice and WHY it’s possible in your descriptive account of the world.

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