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Topic: UK and China after Brexit


China-United Kingdom Relations in a Post-Brexit World: Digital Media and Communications Technology

China, UK, International Relations, Trade Deal, Information Technology, Information Security, Soft Power, Globalization, Brexit,

Look at the potential change in the UKs technology and social media landscape in a post-brexit world. The UK for many years has relied on the USAs FANG version of the web (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) but how can China’s BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) become a larger player in the UK after brexit? Will our businesses rely less on Cisco products and become more familiar with Huawei products? Impact on relations with other countries? Security risks?

Type of service-Dissertation services
Type of assignment-Dissertation/Thesis proposal
Subject-Political Science
Pages / words-3 / 1650
Number of sources-20
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-Chicago
Line spacing-Single
Language style-US English

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