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Topic: Unfair Dismissal: Employment Law


This assignment requires you to do 2 things:

(a) Draft your own question and then
(b) Write a 2,000-word essay
(i) Unfair Dismissal
to answer the question that you have set yourself.

Additional Guidance:

(a) You work must have a clear focus; so you might decide to focus on a development in the law, a recent case or cases or a specific part of the topic for example.

(b) Your work must not simply be a review of the whole topic of employment status, equal pay or unfair dismissal nor must it be too broad, so resist the temptation to write about lots of different things. You should not simply write all you know.

(c) You are strongly advised to discuss your choice with Kate prior to starting work on it.

(d) The essay may include or focus on the social policy context but must have significant relevant legal content. You should consider the impact of your chosen topic area on the ability of people to access or receive justice.

(e) You should analyse and evaluate your material throughout and not simply in the final paragraph. Avoid being too narrative in style as your essay should not be purely historic or descriptive, but equally avoid over analysing with no or little supporting law.

(f) It must be up to date including relevant recent legal material (ie post 2015). You must include at least FOUR non-text book sources. Most of your material will be online resources, so please check to ensure that the source is suitable for a final year assignment and that you have a range of relevant sources.

(g) Your work must be fully referenced with an OSCOLA compliant bibliography*. You must make it clear that you have read the material you refer to ie by quoting from it directly. Please ensure that your reference includes the page number or paragraph that you are using.

Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes that are being assessed in this assessment are:
On successful completion of the module, with limited guidance, students will be able to:

a) Provide appropriately reasoned and structured advice on employment law topics
b) Select and apply a range of relevant primary and secondary source material to support the provision of advice
c) Successfully select and apply concepts, principles and knowledge to devise, sustain and structure an argument in relation to employment law
d) Effectively analyse, synthesise and critically evaluate a wide range of resources including current research, academic publications and relevant and appropriate primary and secondary sources to support an argument
e) Coherently integrate reference to the operation of employment law in the wider social, political and economic context
f) Convey complex information clearly and concisely to a professional standard in good quality English using relevant terminology and accurate referencing

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