Topic: Video Lecture Analysis A Saint on Death Row: The Story of Dominique Green (Cahill)


Mr. Cahill provides a look at the criminal justice system, the prison system and capital punishment through the journey of one death row inmate. South Africa’s Bishop Tutu attends the church service, anti-death penalty event.

This activity follows the Activation Principle where the student will recall, describe relevant knowledge and prior knowledge by reviewing the speaker’s presentation and viewing it with a critical eye. The student will then elaborate on the knowledge through the discussion to reflect and consolidate the learning experience.

Initial Post Instructions

After hearing the presentation discuss with your fellow classmates your thoughts as well as answer these questions

1. What was the speaker’s main point and did they appear credible.

2. What are 2 things did you agree with the speaker and 2 things you disagreed with and why?

3. Why would someone in Criminal Justice need to know this?


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