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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer presents a history of the Supreme Court. Mr. Breyer examines the American publics’ relationship with the High Court and contends that the trust given by the citizenry should not be taken for granted. Associate Justice Breyer discusses his book at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

This activity follows the Activation Principle where the student will recall, describe relevant knowledge and prior knowledge by reviewing the speaker’s presentation and viewing it with a critical eye. The student will then elaborate on the knowledge through the discussion to reflect and consolidate the learning experience.

Initial Post Instructions
After viewing the presentation, discuss the answers to these three questions:

1. Has the High Court become more socially active from its original intention?

2. Have politics entered the High Court more in the last two decades than in prior times?

3. Does the High Court still look at the long term impact of its decisions and still remain true to the Constitution?

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